Buffalo Wild Wings Is Offering An At-Home Blazin’ Challenge Kit

Have you ever wanted to attempt Buffalo Wild Wings' "Blazin' Challenge," but were too scared to do it at the restaurant? Now you can attempt it all at home!

The wing chain is current offering an at-home version of its infamous challenge where you have to eat ten of their spiciest wings in less than five minutes.

The wings are covered in Blazin' Sauce, hence the challenge's name, and normally you have to sign a waiver at the restaurant before even attempting it. However, you can now buy the at-home kit at a restaurant near you.

Each kit comes with ten bone-in Blazin' sauce chicken wings, a Blazin' Challenge headband, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to help cool your mouth down after you eat the wings for $13.49.

You might want to ask your local B-Dubs to see if they are participating in it and if you attempt it good luck!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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