New Study Says Your Friends Enjoy A Wine More If You Lie About The Price

Finding the right wine to impress your friends can be hard, especially if they are picky with their wine, but according to a new study, you can lie about the price of your bottle and your friends won't know the difference!

An international team of psychologists looked at how "price information influences the subjective experience of wine" in a paper published this week by the journal Food Quality and Preference where the team manipulated price information in a realistic wine tasting setting to see what would happen.

During the tasting, 140 blind tasters were given three Italian wines billed as either low, mid, or high-priced and found that when cheap bottles were given larger prices, people tended to enjoy the wine more!

Researchers say that the taste of wine isn't always ranked by its price, but you can always say that bottle of Aldi wine is $70 and your friend's won't know any better until they see the back of the bottle!

(Food & Wine)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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