Travelocity Is Giving Away $1,000 Vouchers During Daylight Saving Time

Friendly reminder that you have to change your clocks this weekend and we're all losing an hour because it's Daylight Saving Time, but Travelocity wants to encourage you to stay up this weekend for the time change!

The travel website is giving away 25 $1,000 vouchers on Twitter during the lost hour of Daylight Saving Time if you're one of the first people to reply to their Twitter post with a creative answer to the prompt: "The early bird catches the worm so its family can travel to [fill in the blank]."

Winners will be contacted via direct message and asked to follow instructions for redemption, but if you need an advantage then just save a drafted tweet to post at 1:59am when the clocks are all supposed to jump to 3am.

Good luck and if you win a voucher don't forget who reminded you of the contest! ;)

(Travel + Leisure)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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