Chipotle Is Finally Adding Quesadillas To The Menu

Get ready to start adding a new menu item to your Chipotle order rotation because the chain has just officially added quesadillas to the menu!

Now you might say that you've always been able to order quesadillas, but this technically was a "secret menu" item and you were often charged just for a normal burrito. Now you can customize a quesadilla to your heart's content without being judged by the people behind you in line.

Starting this Thursday, the "Hand-Crafted Quesadilla" will be available to order, but you can only order it through the Chipotle app or as of right now and it's all possible thanks to a new custom oven to melt everything inside your quesadilla.

You can see what comes with your quesadilla order below!

(Food & Wine)

Photo Credit: Chipotle

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