An 11-Year-Old Spent $3,000 Of Her Parents' Money In Roblox

You might want to check if your parental controls are updated on any games your kid may play because an eleven-year-old is going viral for spending $3,000 of her parents' money on in-app purchases in Roblox.

Apparently the girl's mom was in the hospital recovering after a surgery when the daughter was left with an iPad and you already know how she spent $3,000 on 48 separate in-app purchases.

When the parents found out what their daughter had done they asked Apple and Roblox to refund some of the money and so far they have received about $1,000 back.

You already know the parents deleted Roblox from any and all of their devices to prevent this from happening again!

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Roblox

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