This Job Applicant Hid A Resume In A Box Of Doughnuts For His Future Job

Applying for a new job can be a very slow, and oftentimes heartbreaking, process because it's hard to stand out from the hundreds of applicants for your desired position, but one man found a creative way to stand out: doughnuts!

A picture shared on Reddit is going viral because it shows a job applicant hiding his resume inside a box of doughnuts that he purchased and sent to his prospective employer and I'm not sure if it's creative or creepy!

Also inside the box of doughnuts was a note that said "Most resumes end up in trash. Mine - in your belly."

You can see the note below and hopefully this guy was applying for a creative job because, if so, he should totally get the position or at least compensated for his doughnuts!

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