This New Game Lets You Shoot Paintballs With A Boston Dynamics' Robot

Ever since we saw that Black Mirror episode about the robotic hunting dogs we've all been a little skeptical about Boston Dynamics' robot dogs, but now you can control one for two minutes and make it shoot paintballs!

MSCHF, who you might be familiar with being the makers of the Finger On The App game, have purchased a Boston Dynamics' dog and are letting people control it for two minutes on Wednesday!

The group has attached a paintball gun to the metal dog and created a game called Spot's Rampage where you'll have a chance to control the robot dog for two minutes.

All you'll have to do is go to the Spot's Rampage website on your phone, enter the game's controller mode and then type your name into a pool. Every two minutes a randomly selected player will get to control the robot!

Obviously, as soon as I get control of the dog I'm just going to make it do laps!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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