Taco Bell Is Testing Chicken Sandwich Tacostaco

Get ready to pretty much be able to order a chicken sandwich no matter what fast food restaurant you may go to because Taco Bell is introducing their own sandwich and turning it into a taco!

Starting on March 11th, Taco Bell will be testing its new "chicken sandwich taco" in select locations with a planned nationwide rollout later in the year and it looks delicious!

The "chicken sandwich taco" is made up of crispy chicken and Taco Bell's chipotle sauce, which sits in a folded flatbread so it kind of resembles taking the top bun of a normal chicken sandwich and folding it into a taco.

The best part is that there will be a spicy and non-spicy option and the only notable difference is the lack of jalapeños in the non-spicy version.

Fingers crossed these tacos get rolled out sooner than intended!


Photo Credit: Taco Bell

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