This 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Card Is Selling For $1,000 And Is Made With Pure Silver

2021 has been the year of trading cards making a comeback and 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' is hoping to capitalize on its new fan interest by releasing a $1,000 card made out of pure silver!

The trading card game we all played back in our teenage years to seem cooler than being a Pokémon fan just announced a new Blue-Eyes White Dragon card that will only have 1,000 copies in rotation that will be sold for one-time only.

The commemorative card will be the recent edition to the trading card game's "Masterpiece Series" and will be made from 99.9% pure silver, burnished to a platinum-colored finish, and then encased in a full brick of transparent acrylic glass.

You can see what the card looks like below, and the card will release sometime this Spring, but just know that you'll be dropping a grand on one card!

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