Fireball Wants To Pay You To Send Your Ex's Stuff Back To Them

Are you still holding onto the random stuff from your ex? Fireball whisky wants to help you out by PAYING YOU to send everything back to your ex!

From now through February 12th you can tag Fireball, @fireballwhisky, in a photo of the random stuff taking up space in your place and they will pay for ten people everyday to mail it out.

Fireball will reward each group of winners a gift card to cover the cost of shipping and it's the perfect way to get some closure from your previous relationship without needing to see your ex again.

To qualify, post the photo as either an Instagram post or a story and tag @fireballwhisky with the hashtags #FireballAntiVDay and #Contest. It also doesn't hurt to take a shot of Fireball to help with the catharsis!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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