The Capitals' Zdeno Chara Had His Equipment Sent To A Man In New Jersey

What would you do if you accidentally received over $500 worth of equipment meant for the Washington Capitals' Zdeno Chara?

That's what a man in New Jersey is currently having to deal with after $500 worth of hockey sticks were sent to his home instead of the "tallest player in the NHL!"

Ariel Ben-Abraham owns small business so he normally receives packages every day, but he wasn't counting on a large box of hockey sticks to show up and inside have them be meant for Zdeno Chara.

The sticks were sent from a company called True Hockey and were intended for the Washington Capitals star and the box even was addressed for the Capitals' practice facility.

The company is now making plans to have the sticks picked up from Ben-Abraham and hopefully have them delivered to the Capitals, but Abraham has had interviews with ESPN ever since the incident happened and his clothing business has seen a huge rise in business!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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