Warner Bros. Is Releasing Justice League-Themed Meal Kits

If you're a Justice League mega-fan then you need to get this $130 Snyder Cut-theme meal kit Warner Bros. is releasing in time with the new version of the film hitting HBO Max in March!

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, also known as the "Snyder Cut," will release on HBO Max and this meal box created by Wonderland Restaurants will give you a TON of meals to eat with the movie.

The meal kits are designed to resemble the Mother Boxes from the film and cost $130 for a kit for two or $260 for four. Inside will be a variety of Justice League-adjacent food like: the “Ocean Trench” appetizer for Aquaman, the “Big Belly Burger” for the Flash, a Superman-inspired "cornfield Resurrection," a Wonder Woman-themed “Ancient Themysciran Fire,” and even more foods and drinks.

Some of the items in the Mother Box will be pre-prepared and there are even several vegetarian options available. You can see the brief tease of what the meal box will look like below!

The Snyder Cut will release on HBO Max on March 18th and you can check out the film's trailer below!

(The Verge)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

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