Barilla Pasta Made Playlists To Help You Cook Pasta

Even though you might consider yourself a "past expert," it doesn't mean you're cooking your noodles just right, which is why Barilla Pasta has created playlists to give you the perfect cook time for your pasta!

Even though boxed pastas come with a specific time to cook your pasta, different noodles require different cook times, which is why there are different playlists for every type of Barilla pasta.

The idea is that once your water pot is boiling, you'll add the pasta into the water, press play on the corresponding playlist, and can then do whatever you want for however long the playlist is. After that you can then strain your pasta and enjoy!

The playlists include different genres of music like pop, hip-hop, and indie that are all covered by Italian artists and have great names like "Mixtape Spaghetti, Boom Bap Fusilli, Pleasant Melancholy Penne, Moody Day Linguine," and more.

You can see all of the Barilla-inspired playlists HERE and just remember to keep stirring the noodles even when you're jamming out!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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