Ninja Wants To Pay You $25,000 To Make Smoothie Bowls

If you're trying to start 2021 on a healthy note, then I might have found the perfect incentive to keep you healthy because Ninja is currently look for someone to use their blenders and get paid $25,000 for it!

The "Smoothie Bowl Sommelier" will join the kitchenware company's marketing team for two months where they will create and promote smooth bowl recipes. The recipes the chosen candidate make have to be compatible with the brand's Foodi Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor and if you're already trying to make smoothies then it's a dream job.

Here are some of the many qualifications Ninja wants candidates to possess: 

  • "A discerning palate"
  • Demonstrated passion for food (especially smoothie bowls)
  • Obsession with creativity and food that looks as beautiful as it tastes 
  • Spends bulk of free time in the kitchen or the grocery store 
  • Registered dietitian credential is a plus 
  • Health- and wellness-focused social media presence is a plus

To apply for the job you can go HERE and make sure you apply ASAP because it could be the easiest way for you to eat healthy and make bank at the same time!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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