This Team Lost $250,000 In A Call Of Duty Tournament For Using 'AimBots'

Just a word to the wise that if you're going to cheat that you should make sure you're not doing it when $250,000 is on the line, which this team learned the hard way at a recent Call Of Duty tournament!

The tournament was based on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and its Warzone mode and during the tournament streamer Metzy_B was accused of cheating and using an "aimbot" to lock onto other players.

After reviewing the clip in question, along with others from his previous streams, Metzy_B and his team were removed by Twitch and the reason given for the ban on broadcast was that the gameplay from the clips was "unnatural beyond a reasonable doubt."

As of right now, Metzy_B still denies that he cheated, but you already know his team has to be mad at him for costing them a $250,000 payday!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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