This Company Wants To Pay You $30 An Hour To Eat Candy

Close-up of unrecognizable businesswoman sitting at table and eating sweet beans while working in office

Who would have thought that the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 would be when all these dream jobs pop up?? A candy company wants to hire 10 professional candy taste-testers to join their team!

Canadian sweets company Candy Funhouse is about to launch its first-ever branded candy line and needs the candy taste-testers to try and review their candies and pick the best ones to be included in the line.

Candies need to be judged on taste, texture, and quality and the taste-tester will need to write a brief, two-sentence description of each product, but you get paid $30 an hour to do this!

Two in-person taste-testers will be hired full-time with a pay of $30 an hour, and eight remote taste-testers will be hired part-time with a pay of $26 an hour. Here are some of the qualifications to apply:

  • Must live in North America (US or Canadian citizen)
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must not have food allergies
  • Should be enthusiastic about all types of candy
  • Should be bold and ready to try new things
  • Must be willing to share honest opinions

To apply for the job you can go HERE and make sure to apply before Valentine's Day because the deadline is February 15th!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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