This Birthday Candle Hack Prevents Germs From Getting On The Cake

One of the biggest changes we've had to deal with because of the pandemic is how we celebrate birthdays and last year was a big blow to birthday candles, but this new TikTok hack will make things a little more normal.

TikTok user @krystal_rochelle_ shared the method she has been using with her family and friends and it mainly involves sticking the candles to the clear plastic cover on a store-bought cake.

The key is to melt a little wax onto the cover first, and then place each candle on it. The cover will protect the cake inside from bad breath and stray germs when the birthday person blows toward it and they still get to make a true birthday wish.

If you’re having a homemade cake, you could find some type of cover to put over it to try the hack as well. You can see the original TikTok below and hopefully this helps you celebrate the next birthday in your life!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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