Real Life Black Mirror-Inspired Chatbots Could Mimic The Dead

Even though 2020 already brought us one step closer to living in a real-life Black Mirror episode get ready to be even closer because Microsoft just applied for a patent that could let them create AI to mimic the dead!

This might sound familiar because Black Mirror made an episode about the same type of AI in the episode called "Be Right Back," but now it might happen in real life.

Essentially the AI would work with a chatbot to take the "digital relics" from a recently deceased person's social media and text conversations and then use that to issue responses to other people.

This bot would also be able to call on 'one or more conversational data stores' if asked a question that it doesn't understand, and possess a 'voice font' based on recordings scraped from devices such as smart home assistants.

Who would have thought that Black Mirror was actually predicting the future and not giving us something to just ponder about!?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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