Dunch And Double Dinner Lead The Top Food Trends For 2021

People Laughing at Dinner Table

Now this may sound like Kevin Malone is controlling food trends in 2021, but "dunch" and "double dinner" are two of the biggest food trends in 2021 and everyone in the studio is all for them!

To preface this all, both of these will most likely gain popularity once the world gets a little more normal, but "dunch" is finally becoming a part of normal vocabulary after your parents tried getting you to eat a late lunch when you were growing up!

"Dunch" is sort of like brunch, but instead of breakfast foods, you are essentially eating a mix of lunch and dinner foods and it already sounds like a better alternative to drinking early in the morning and then passing out at 5pm.

"Double Dinner" is essentially eating two types of cuisines at once where you mix two types of foods, like tacos and macaroni and cheese, and eating them in the same meal.

What do you think? Will you be adding dunch and double dinner to your eating habits in 2021?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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