Netflix Has A Recommendation Hotline You Can Call

Now that The Office is off of Netflix many of us are trying to figure out our new "go-to" show to have on the streaming service during work and Netflix is here to help with their new "recommendation hotline!"

Netflix announced the service last week and you can actually call the hotline at 1-866-NYD-2021 to experience it yourself with pre-recorded celebrity extensions from some of Netflix's biggest stars.

To actually find recommendations you can hit these numbers on your phone to get something recommended to you:

  • "1" for "if you want something brand new to Netflix"
  • "2" for "if you're hungover" 
  • "3" for "if you've already broken your New Year's resolution"
  • "4" for "if you're feeling a deep sense of existential dread and want to embrace it" 
  • "5" for "if you're feeling a deep sense of existential dread and want to avoid it" 
  • "6" for "if you're actually optimistic about the year ahead"
  • "7" for "if you were trying to order a pizza but accidentally dialed this number"
  • "8" for "if you're looking for something to watch with your family" 
  • "Absolutely under no circumstances should you press '9'"

Now I won't spoil what happens when you press 9, but just get ready for the longest easter egg of all time! You can also comment on the below tweet to get recommendations too!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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