The Highest Paid YouTuber Of 2020 Is A Nine-Year-Old

Even though the movie and television industry were hit hard because of the pandemic, YouTube kind of took over as we all began watching more content from the Internet and a TON of YouTubers made bank this year!

Forbes latest "Highest-Paid YouTube Stars" list reveals a kid once again was the highest-paid YouTuber with over $30 million and he's only nine years old!

Ryan “Ryan’s World” Kaji topped the list for the third year in a row thanks to his 27-million subscribers and counting for his family-friendly content about toys, games, education and clothes and his licensing deals. Kaji had over 12 billion views on his videos in 2020.

Kaji bested some of his adult colleagues like Mr. Beast, David Dobrik and Jeffree Star this year, but you can see the list of the ten highest-paid YouTubers below!

  1. Ryan Kaji aka “Ryan’s World” ($29.5 million)
  2. Mr. Beast/Jimmy Donaldson ($24M)
  3. Dude Perfect ($23M)
  4. Rhett & Link ($20M)
  5. Markiplier/Mark Fischbach ($19.5M)
  6. Preston Arsement ($19M)
  7. Nastya/Anastacia Radzinskaya ($18.5M)
  8. Blippi/Stevin John ($17M)
  9. David Dobrik ($15.5M)
  10. Jeffree Star ($15M)


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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