This Company Wants To Hire A "Pokémon Consultant"

Pokemon trading cards background

Time to use all that time you spent playing every Pokémon game to your advantage because a company is actually looking for 19 "Pokémon Consultants" to help with its new game.

Tencent just posted 19 new job postings to choose from that require applicants to have played at least 900 hours or more across every Pokémon game. Now there's a TON of games so if you add up all your time since Pokémon Red and Blue then you might already be close.

Prospective applicants also have to know the history of Pokémon, have "Master Ball ranking" in Pokémon Sword & Shield competitive, and have watched over 500 episodes of the Pokémon anime, which also isn't that hard if you have watched the show since the 90s.

To learn more about this video game dream job you can see the job posting below, but be ready to prove why you're the very best, like no one ever was!!

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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