Tom Cruise Went Off On The 'Mission Impossible' Crew Over COVID Protocols

Even though most movies are having to deal with coronavirus protocols in a safe manner, almost every production has had to shut down in the past year after someone broke protocols, which is why Tom Cruise decided to take things into his own hands on the set of the seventh Mission: Impossible.

A recording of the actor is going viral after he yelled at a crew member for breaking COVID protocols on set and it's know the stuff of legends!

In the recording, Cruise says he’s determined to keep filming going, and makes it clear he’s not budging on COVID protocol by claiming that he'd rather have the crew member fired then have other people lose their jobs because someone broke protocol.

You can hear the entirety of Cruise's rant below!

Also anybody else getting major Tropic Thunder vibes from Cruise's most recent rant??

(The Sun)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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