The Office Will Get A 24/7 Marathon Channel On Peacock

Even though the last bit of sad news 2020 is giving us is that The Office is leaving Netflix this month, it might actually be better that it's headed to Peacock!

According to multiple sources, not only will NBC's Peacock be the exclusive streaming service for The Office going forward, but it will also be offering a 24/7 marathon channel for anyone to watch live or in the background in addition to new deleted scenes and other features for the show.

With nine seasons and over 200 episodes, the long-running sitcom will air linearly on a dedicated loop channel that won't let you pause it or select which episodes you want to watch.  

The Office will also be available on-demand for viewers to decide which season or episode they want to watch, but with the marathon channel you won't have to keep hitting the "Still Watching" button every few hours.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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