New Study Claims Wine & Cheese Could Slow Cognitive Decline

Wine has become our best friend during the pandemic and now it looks like it might actually benefit you even more if you pair it with a nice cheese!

Researchers at Iowa State University have come to the conclusion that having wine and cheese over a prolonged time can boost your brain function and slow cognitive decline.

The team looked at which foods had a direct impact on our cognitive function in later years and red wine and cheese were two of the top food and drinks to increase cognitive function.

Along with cheese and a daily intake of alcohol like red wine, having lamb once a week, but not other red meats, was also beneficial. On the flip side, high levels of salt was found to be the worst offender in participants’ diets and researchers warn those already at risk of Alzheimer’s disease that they may need to watch their sodium intake to avoid cognitive problems.

To learn more about the study you can go HERE!

(Science Direct)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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