Kevin From The Office Earned Over $1 Million This Year On Cameo

Cameo has probably been one of the greatest creations in the past few years because instead of going to conventions and waiting in line for a video with a celebrity, you can now put in a request and they'll fulfill your shoutout as soon as they can.

Turns out that a ton of celebrities have been using it as a main source of income, just like Brian Baumgartner who played Kevin Malone on The Office who ended up earning over $1 million just from Cameo requests.

According to the app’s co-founder and CEO Steven Galanis, the comedian is in-demand because of his “persona” and the “craftmanship” of his videos and became Cameo's top-earning celebrity for 2020.

Plus who doesn't love Kevin Malone!?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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