Watch Jack Black Dance As Spider-Man To Marv Allen's "Out The Frame"

Jack Black might have shut down the Internet a few weeks ago with his attempt at the "WAP" challenge, but now he's back with another viral TikTok dance because he just pulled off a new video dancing to Marv Allen's "Out The Frame!"

This time Jack Black decided to put on a few more clothes and in the video, which you can see below, he's rocking a Spider-Man suit inspired by Tom Holland's Spider-Man and it already has over three million views as of this writing and Tom Holland has actually seen the video!

At the same time, Jack Black promoted his gaming channel, Jablinski Games, at the end of his video, which if you haven't check it out you can go to HERE! Can we just declare Jack Black as the celebrity king of TikTok?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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