A Taiwanese Man Had To Sell His PS5 After His Wife Found Out About It

Just a word to the wise that if you're going to drop $500 on a new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X that you might want to tell your partner about first, which this man in Taiwan is learning the hard way after his wife sold his PS5 when she found out about it!

The unfortunate story surfaced on social media over the weekend after an individual, who actually bought the PS5 from the wife, shared his perspective on the entire thing.

Apparently the husband told his wife that the PS5 was an air purifier, but when she realized what it actually was, she decided to resell it for a cheaper price to teach her husband a lesson.

You can read about the entire transaction below and if you go to Facebook you'll be able to translate the entire thing and learn even more about this husband's agony! Just let this be the worst-case scenario for buying a PS5!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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