Jose Cuervo Wants To Send Your Family A Cardboard Cutout Of You

A lot of us probably won't be going home for Thanksgiving or the holidays this year because of COVID-19, but you'll be able to send the next best thing with the help of Jose Cuervo: a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself!

The tequila brand is letting fans send their "Doppeldrinker" of themselves home for the holidays to be with their friends and family and it's the next best thing to you being on an iPad for all of Thanksgiving dinner.

You won't have to miss out on the annual family pajama photo, the Thanksgiving football tournament, and even the awkward family banter at the dinner table because your family will technically have a "version of you" with them that they can tote around everywhere.

You do have to enter for the chance to win a Jose Cuervo cardboard Doppeldrinker at where you'll have to upload a full-body photo with your favorite drink in hand and share who their Doppeldrinker should spend the holidays with.

If chosen, Jose Cuervo will send your Doppeldrinker to them in time for the holidays!

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