Someone Made A PS5 Simulator For Everyone Who Can't Get The Console

Getting a PlayStation 5 (PS5) is going to be tough for the next few weeks and even if you do manage to add it to your shopping cart, $500 is a lot for a new system, which is why one video game developer simulated the whole experience for free in his new game!

Like a lot of people, video game developer Alex Grade couldn’t afford a new PS% so he decided to build a simulator game of someone unboxing a PS5 and just made it playable for everyone.

Now you could look at any unboxing video on YouTube, but the simulator puts you in the perspective of someone who dropped $500 and open everything out of the box and hook it up to a virtual television.

The game then ends as the virtual PS5 starts up and it only took Grade a week to create the entire thing.

You can download PS5 Simulator for free HERE and if you know someone who is debating on getting a PS5, just let them practice unboxing it virtually!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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