A Company Is Searching For A 'Bed Tester' To Stay At Five-Star Hotels

Get ready to apply for a literal "dream job" because a company in London is currently looking for a "bed tester" to test various beds at different five-star hotels!

Tielle Love Luxury is looking for its next "five-star bed tester" and the chosen applicant will be sent to some of London's best hotels for free and get almost $2,000 in travel expenses in between hotels.

All you have to do is report back to the company on how each bed and its sheets felt and you only need to be 16 to apply!

You can apply HERE to be the "five-star bed tester," but just know you will need to write why you're the best candidate for the job, which we think will be pretty easy because we've all been sleeping for years!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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