Almost 65% Of Gamers Took A Sick Day This Week


We made it through the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launch week and survived, but it turns out a lot of us took a day off just to set up our new consoles and play games!

A recent Reddit survey asked PS5 and Xbox fans if they were going to take the day off when either console launched globally and while it isn't scientific, it does show that almost 65% of people took a day off this week!

Around 33% said they would be working on launch day, but only 2% said they would take a sick day and we don't blame anyone who did take a day off because it can take some time to download everything back onto your new console.

Now not everyone was able to get their hands on a console either through pre-orders or by buying one on launch day so you can probably bet your co-workers to take a random day off in November to compensate!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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