You Can Now Buy A Metapod Sleeping Bag

We might have found the perfect sleeping bag to help you escape the craziness of 2020 because you can now buy a Metapod-shaped sleeping bag that looks exactly like the cocoon-based Pokémon!

Pokéshopper is releasing a life-sized Metapod next April that can house a human body, and it looks exactly how you think it would with just the person's head sticking out of the sleeping bag.

The Metapod sleeping bag costs 35,000 yen (roughly $333) and in terms of dimensions, the Metapod sleeping bag is on the small side so if you're a tall Pokémon fan then you might want to wait on a larger size to get made.

The sleeping bag is already sold out, but you can see what it looks like below and you can probably expect a Kakuna sleeping bag to be on the way!

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