'The Mandalorian' Hired A Deaf Actor To Create The Show's Sign Language

We're currently in Season Two of The Mandalorian and if you're like me then you loved the season premiere, but something you might not have realized is that the show recruited a deaf actor to help create the sign language characters use on the show.

This is technically mild spoilers for the first episode, but Mando returns to Tatooine and we see him team up with Tusken Raiders, but what we didn't know until know is that the characters are using a form of sign language created just for the show.

Ever since Season One, Disney hired Deaf actor Troy Kotsur to help legitimize these scenes and in a sense created TSL, or Tusken Sign Language, which was again used for Season Two.

You can see some of the sign language they used from Season One of the show below, which they further expanded upon this year in Season Two!

(Boing Boing)

Photo Credit: Disney Plus

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