Burger King Is Scaring Customers With Ronald McDonald

Burger King has been stepping it up when it comes to their social media and ad campaigns and their most recent ad in Denmark and Sweden is perfect for the Halloween season because they pranked customers with Ronald McDonald!

If you have a relative or know someone in either of those two countries tell them to avoid the bathroom because Burger King's new prank involves Ronald McDonald scaring you in the bathroom if you say "canceled clown" three times in the mirror like "Bloody Mary" or "Candyman."

If you say the phrase three times the lights will dim and a loud noise will go off with an image of a scary clown appearing on the mirror.

The scary stunt is part of Burger King's new voice-recognition software that is trained to listen for key phrases and will most likely help with ordering.

You can see a video of the prank below and we can't wait for McDonald's comeback prank!

(Business Insider)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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