New Study Says Bob Marley Is Your Dog's Favorite Musician

If you worry about the furry member of your family being stressed all the time then you might want to start playing Bob Marley for them according to a new study from the University of Glasgow!

According to a new study, reggae and soft rock are the genres of music that dogs like the most because they showed the "highest amount of positive changes in behavior" during a song from that genre.

Specifically artists like bob Marley, The Beach Boys, or even Mozart were some of the artists that had the most positive changes in behavior and who doesn't want to educate their dog on Bob Marley or have them seem sophisticated by listening to Mozart!?

The Scottish SPCA who partnered on this new research also found in 2015 and 2012 with other studies that classical music has calming effects on dogs and that heavy metal causes anxiety and unrest in dogs.

So if your dog starts to freak out just play them some "Don't Worry, Be Happy!"


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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