Chipotle Now Charges Your For Ordering Tortillas On The Side

It's the official end of an era because Chipotle just decided to make 2020 even worse by now charging people for ordering a tortilla on the side!

For years people have known that if you order a burrito bowl at Chipotle that you could always ask for a tortilla on the side to make your own burrito or scoop up your burrito bowl and it was for free until now.

It appears that Chipotle caught on to the hack that EVERYONE in the world was doing and will now be charging customers 25 cents if they want a tortilla on the side.

Now 25 cents isn't that much, but it can rack up if you go to Chipotle enough. The change is already in effect whether you order on the app or in-store so make sure to spread the word for the burrito bowl-lover in your life that they're going to be disappointed today.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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