You Can Now Google Songs By Humming Them!

Google may have just came up with the PERFECT new search feature in recent years because you now search for the name and artist of a song just by humming it into Google!

Google's newest update to its app or Google Search widget will now allow you to search for songs by humming or whistling the song and it's the service we've all needed to find out what that song stuck in our head is actually called.

All you have to do is ask Google "what's this song?," hum or whistle the songs, and then find your results. Google will show you the most likely results based on the tune you hummed and then select the song to listen to it and see if it's the one that's been stuck in your head.

It only works on mobile phones for now, but we can't wait for it to be a feature you can use on every device that you can use Google on!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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