Michael B. Jordan To Produce The 'Static Shock' Movie

We're one step closer to getting a live-action Static Shock movie because Michael B. Jordan has officially signed on to produce the upcoming movie with his team at Outlier Society!

Jordan is set to join director Reginald Hudlin on the upcoming theatrical release which will be based on the 1993 comic series, but most of us grew up with as part of the WB Kids! lineup.

Now if you didn't grow up watching the animated series just know that Static Shock is about a teenager named Virgil Hawkins who is accidentally exposed to an experimental mutagen that gives him the abilities to control electromagnetic forces with electricity.

There's been conversations about a Static Shock movie ever since DC's recent Fandome event where they announced that the comic was getting a revival and that a film was being discussed, but this is the first step towards getting Virgil Hawkins his own movie.

Fingers crossed it's just as good as the animated series, which we can all agree had a really good theme song!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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