Top Ramen Will Pay You $10,000 To Be Its 'Chief Noodle Officer'

If you consider yourself a ramen aficionado then get ready for the ultimate dream job because Top Ramen is looking for a "Chief Noodle Officer" and will pay them $10,000!

Nissin, the manufacturer behind Top Ramen just announced that they are seeking a "CNO" with a "passion for noodles" to help them test new ramen noodle soup recipes and they'll even get a mentorship with Nissin CEO Mike Price during their tenure.

If selected you'll get the $10,000 and the mentorship, but you'll also get a 50-year suppler of Top Ramen and be set for life!

To apply for the job you can go HERE and submissions will end on October 30th so get that resume up to date!

(Food & Wine)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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