Disney Plus Has Officially Labeled Its 'Non-MCU' Marvel Movies

Make sure you update Disney+ if you haven't because the streaming service has given us a new interface for its Marvel movies that will help out any MCU fan!

The streaming service's MCU section will not only list Marvel movies in their release and chronological order, in case you want to watch the movies in any different order, but they have also gone ahead and labeled the non-MCU to help you differentiate between the old X-Men and Fantastic Four movies with the MCU.

Those movies are now referred to as "Marvel Legacy Movies" and it sounds like a perfect name to distinguish between what is and isn't in the MCU, for now.

You can see what the new interface looks like below and if Disney were to ever add the old Spider-Man movies then they would fall under "Marvel Legacy Movies" as well.


Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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