You Can Tour The Campground That Inspired 'Friday The 13th'

October is otherwise known as the "Spooky Month" and if you want to face your fears then get ready to do so because you can go on an actual tour of the real-life Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Friday the 13th fans will be able to tour Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, which is the camp they used to film the original Friday the 13th movies back in the 80s and is currently a Boy Scouts camp in Hardwick, New Jersey in honor of the franchise's 40th anniversary this year.

Tours are currently running through November 13th, which is the next Friday the 13th, and for a small fee you could tour the camp at night if you're not worried about any mask-wearing giants from creeping up on you!

To learn more about the camp tours you can go HERE!


Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

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