Draco Malfoy Is Only In 31 Minutes Of The Harry Potter Films

Say what you will about JK Rowling, but we can all agree that the Harry Potter books and films were a big part of our childhoods, but thanks to a HUGE Draco Malfoy fan people are just realizing that Draco was only in the films for a total of 31 minutes.

If you got to the Harry Potter IMDB page you'll see that, out of the 19 hours of films, Tom Felton's Draco Malfoy is only on screen for a half-hour.

Apparently the shortest amount of time Draco was in a movie was in Order Of The Phoenix when he is only in the movie for a little less than two minutes.

Now this doesn't diminish Draco as an antagonist throughout most of the films, but it's weird to know that Harry's main bully, who has a big turn-of-heart at the end of the movies, is barely in the franchise.


Photo Credit: WB Pictures

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