Nintendo's Theme Park Won't Open Until 2021

2020 has taken a TON of things away from us, but it looks like even theme parks aren't safe because Nintendo and Universal Studios just announced that they are delaying the opening of their Nintendo Theme Park in Japan until 2021.

While the first Super Nintendo World was supposed to open earlier in 2020 around the Tokyo Olympics, it was originally delayed until the fall, but Universal Studios has decided to delay the opening until spring 2021 out of fear of low attendance due to the coronavirus.

Now you're wondering why this matters to theme park enthusiasts in the US, well the Japan park is going to be the first Nintendo park to open so we won't get the US version of the park until it opens, which means we have to wait even longer before it pops up in LA or Orlando.

While we can't go to the park just yet, we can at least pretend we're there with the park's latest trailer.

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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