Archaeologists Just Opened Up A 2,600-Year-Old Mummy Tomb

2020 has already been bad enough, which is why I guess archaeologists in Egypt decided now was the perfect time to open up a mummy tomb that is over 2,600 years old and just keep the bad energy in this year!

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities hosted a gathering this past weekend where they revealed they found over 59 wood coffins in good condition in a necropolis south of Cairo and of course they decided to crack one open to see what's inside.

Fortunately, no curses were released and Imhotep and his army of undead were nowhere to be found, but you can see what was inside the coffin below.

Also the Internet was ready for this with their best Brendan Fraser/The Mummy memes which you can see below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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