This Is Why Your Dog 'Scratches Their Bed' Before Lying Down

If you're like me then you are fascinated by everything your dog does, no matter if you do or don't have a dog Instagram account, but if you've always wondered why it takes your dog forever to go to sleep then don't worry because we now know the answer.

Apparently dogs like to pet/scratch at their bed or bedding before they sleep because of their genetics and it is what wolves do for temperature regulation at night and to give them a place to hide.

Now this makes sense for wolves, but for your dog to do this under your mountain of blankets it essentially means they are making "their bed or shelter" theirs and making it comfortable for them.

No matter how much padding or blankets you give them, your dog is still going to mess the sheets up because that's what they want to sleep in. Essentially think of them "fluffing their pillow" before going to sleep every night!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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