This Airbnb Is Letting Guests Be The "Mayor Of Hell" For A Day

Let this be your fun fact of the day, but Hell is an ACTUAL in Michigan and you can be the mayor of it if you stay at this Airbnb!

The "unofficial" mayor of Hell, which doesn't have a real mayor, is letting guests stay at his Airbnb that he claims is the "Mayor's Lair" for three one-night stays that come with the title of mayor!

In the lair, which is essentially an extra house the renter has on his property, guests can get a queen-sized bed, gothic-style furniture (of course), a fire pit with an outdoor movie screen, and ALL the pumpkins you can carve.

The property is listed for the nights of October 18, 21 and 24 with each stay costing $31 in honor of Halloween. To see what the "Mayor's Lair" looks like you can go HERE.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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