A Vintage Aladdin Shirt Just Sold For $6,000

You might want to hold onto your old Disney shirts because an Arizona man just made $6,000 by selling his vintage Aladdin t-shirt from 1992.

Apparently the man was trying to clean up his house and when he saw the shirt he figured he would put it up online and see if anyone would want to pay for it. Turns out that a TON of people actually wanted to and it ended up selling for $6,000.

He had originally paid $500 for it a few years ago and was expecting getting about $2,000 for it, but he ended up getting three times that amount.

Just goes to show that your old stuff is coveted by other people and you might want to sell it online before donating or throwing it away.

You can see the shirt below and if you own the shirt then you might want to put it up on eBay!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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