The Walking Dead Will End After Season 11

It's weird to think that the first season of The Walking Dead came out over 10 years ago in 2010, but we've now reached the end of the line because AMC just announced that the show is ending with its eleventh season!

Just a quick update for anyone who stopped watching the show years ago, but we are currently in the show's tenth season as its remaining six episodes of the season to come later this fall. With this announcement we will have one more 24-episode final season that will conclude in 2022.

Even though the main Walking Dead show will be ending in 2022, this won't be the last you hear of "walkers" because two NEW spin-offs were announced: one that will focus on Daryl and Carol from the main series that will premiere in 2023 and an anthology series called Tales Of The Walking Dead that will feature new stories based on new and prior existing characters.

You can check out the final season announcement below, but are you glad The Walking Dead is ending soon and are you still watching it like I am?


Photo Credit: AMC

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