Xbox Series S Has Been Revealed And Will Sell For $299

Get ready to have some options when picking your next-gen Xbox because Microsoft has OFFICIALLY revealed its cheaper next-gen Xbox and it's called "Xbox Series S!"

So we already knew that the "Xbox Series X" was going to be Microsoft's premiere next-gen system, but thanks to some leaked designs we now know that a smaller Xbox will be launching around the same time.

Thanks to separate leaks, we know that the Xbox Series S will be the "smallest Xbox ever" and will sell for $299; however, we also learned that the Xbox Series X will sell for $499 and that they will both launch on November 10, 2020.

Now Microsoft has only confirmed the details about the Xbox Series S, but it feels like the other leaked information is most likely true as well.

You can see what Xbox Series S look like below and is this altering your plans on which console to get this holiday season?

Thanks to a separate leak we also got the promotional trailer for Xbox Series S that gives several more details as to what it actually does like supporting up to 1440p / 120 FPS, raytracing, and will include a 512GB custom SSD.

Also you will be able to pay for Xbox Series X AND Xbox Series S in installments as part of Xbox's All Access financing option for $35 or $25 per month


Photo Credit: Xbox

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